DIY | Button Heart Valentines Card

6th February 2014

Valentines_ButtonsThis might be one of the most simple DIY tutorials I’ve ever posted but if you’re like me and sometimes find yourself with more card, ribbons and buttons than you’re sure what to do with then why not put them to good use and make a handmade card. I’ve always felt that it’s those little personal touches, the time someone spends actually making something for someone else that means so much more to the person receiving it (and let’s face it, you don’t need to be a crafting mastermind for this project!).

For this Valentines card, I chose a variety of different shaped, sized and coloured buttons. Pulling out the red ones from the rest of the colourful pile and setting them aside, I used a fast dry project enamel paint to spray paint the remaining buttons gold. Once dry I arranged both red and gold buttons in to a heart shape, stuck them down and added the final touch, a small red ribbon. Simply yet cute!


Valentines_Buttons Valentines_Buttons Valentines_Buttons Valentines_ButtonsValentines

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