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19th September 2014

TDFWThis week has been a great week weather wise, finally a temperature I can relate to – low 20s (C) / 70s (F) and sunny! It has felt so great to wear jeans and layers again. The summer heat or more so the humidity (which I was told wasn’t anywhere nearly as unbearable usual) took a LOT of getting used to, in fact I don’t think my English body ever properly adjusted! Today’s post is short and sweet – sharing a few pictures from my iPhone over the past few months. Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

Bunting[I love this Rifle Paper Co. Bunting, so cute and reusable for any occasion]

[Sunday afternoon card crafting with these Paper Source stamps]
Smoothies[Frozen berry smoothies with the new blender]

Lake[Fourth of July at Hickory Hills Lake, Massachusetts]Painting

[Some more DIY artwork for the apartment walls]

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