Weekend Reading

21st August 2016

Weekend ReadingHoly moly it’s been a hot one! We’ve been taking it easy for the past few weekends, embracing the air conditioning and catching up on wedding planning. From live music and DJs to florals and welcome BBQs we finally feel like we’re getting things organised, and to add to the excitement next weekend my amazing Maid of Honour is flying over from England to go dress shopping with me (did I mention how amazing she is?).

Tonight I’m sharing some light Sunday evening reading. Enjoy and have a great week!

  1. 19 craft projects you’ll use IRL
  2. I just finished Clare Mackintosh’s new book ‘I See You’ (and loved it!). Have you read it?
  3. This Alaskan village is relocating due to global warming
  4. How to throw a cocktail party in an hour
  5. West Elm is having a 20%-30% off sales on seating!
  6. The typewriter is back, and it’s in stock in Michaels
  7. This is what happens behind the scenes on HGTV’s Fixer Upper
  8. 6 ways to make happiness a natural part of your life
  9. I love everything about this Vancouver home
(image: design sponge)

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