DIY Fall Wreath

26th October 2017

DIY Fall WreathDIY Fall WreathWhile the temperature might still be in the 70s here in Charleston, it doesn’t mean we’re not fully embracing the Autumn spirit, from heirloom pumpkins to seasonal foliage we’re for sure taking advantage of decorating our new apartment.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a touch of Autumn to your home, check out the tutorial below on how to create a simple and elegant DIY fall wreath with just a few supplies! (All of which were bought from Hobby Lobby for under $50!).

DIY Fall WreathSupplies:


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire (optional)

DIY Fall Wreath1. Base and Greenery
Using the wire cutters, start by trimming leaves from the artificial hanging bush. I like to gather a variety of sizes and shades of green to create a base for my wreath. Lay the grapevine wreath on a table and arrange the leaves on top in a clockwise direction starting from the outer edges working your way in so that they layer on top of one another nicely. Before gluing anything down play around with the layout first until you’re happy with how the leaves are sitting, then secure each one in place with a hot glue gun.

DIY Fall Wreath2. Featured Pieces
Once you’ve finished with your greenery it’s time to arrange the feature pieces! Pick a few interesting flowers, larger blooms or quirky stems that will draw your visitor’s eyes to your wreath when hanging on the door. I chose a rattan pumpkin stem, soft pink ranunculus stems, and red and yellow tropical reopens protea to tie in the beautiful colors of fall.

Trim the wire stems off of your feature pieces, and position each one around the wreath on top of your greenery base. Focus on creating interesting focal points that will stand out such as on opposite sides of the wreath or in three separate sections. Once happy with the layout, secure with your glue gun.

DIY Fall Wreath3. Texture
Texture is so important when creating your wreath. Choose a variety of stems that will really bring your wreath to life and make it interesting such as berries, wildflowers and golden wheat. Cut off small branches that have a variety of shapes and lengths. Arrange them around your wreath, weaving in and around your green leaf base and around your featured pieces.

DIY Fall Wreath4. Seeds and Pods
Use different seeds and pods such as pinecones and acorns as smaller ‘feature pieces’ to fill in gaps around your wreath. Once you’ve got the look you desire, secure with the glue gun.

Your fall wreath is now ready to hang!

Fall Wreath Fall WreathIMG_6264DIY Fall WreathDIY Fall WreathDIY Fall Wreath

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