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Birthday Mimosa Bar

25th February 2014

Mimosa_BarAs many of you know there is no bigger rivalry in the Six Nations rugby tournament than Ireland vs England, for me being English living in Ireland it’s especially an intense game. This year the match fell on a Saturday afternoon which coincided with a friend’s Birthday celebrations so I decided to host a pre match Mimosa party before we ventured out in an attempt to find seats in the packed Dublin pubs. Despite Ireland’s loss, it was such a fun day with some of my favourite ladies and the Mimosa Bar went down a treat!
Birthday_Invitation// Invitation and Itinerary I made for the Birthday Girl //// Mimosa Party Snacks and Treats //// I loved these napkins from Tiger Dublin //


DIY | Button Heart Valentines Card

6th February 2014

Valentines_ButtonsThis might be one of the most simple DIY tutorials I’ve ever posted but if you’re like me and sometimes find yourself with more card, ribbons and buttons than you’re sure what to do with then why not put them to good use and make a handmade card. I’ve always felt that it’s those little personal touches, the time someone spends actually making something for someone else that means so much more to the person receiving it (and let’s face it, you don’t need to be a crafting mastermind for this project!). Continue Reading


Featured in U Magazine

11th December 2013

IMG_2629I’m so excited to be featured in U Magazine‘s Christmas issue! Such an incredible way to end 2013, and what a year it has been. From taking a leap and changing jobs and my first Blog Awards Ireland nomination to clocking up a airmails between Ireland and the U.S, I’m ending the year on an absolute high. A huge thanks to the talented Nathalie Marquez Courtney for asking me to be a part of this feature and for shooting the amazing photos of my crafts!photo-2

DIY Interiors

Christmas Crafting has Begun!

21st November 2013

photo 2Last week was a particularly busy one as I was tasked with getting as many of my Christmas Crafts finished as possible for a magazine photoshoot this week. Despite the hardwork that went in to it, I’m so happy with how everything turned out. Christmas cards, candles, wrapping paper and more, I’ll be sure to post the magazine article with the full collection mid December!

DIY Interiors Living

DIY Halloween Burlap Bunting

31st October 2013

Bunting_HalloweenHappy Halloween everyone! In light of today’s celebrations, I wanted to create some rustic, Halloween burlap bunting (because everyone knows how much I love bunting!). Find out how to make this easy decor below…

  • Burlap material cut in to 14 pieces
  • Black spray paint
  • Letter stencils*
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Twine or string

IMG_2228*Tip! – If you don’t have any letter stencils handy and have a craft knife, create your own stencils by printing out large letters on to A4 paper (2 per sheet) and cut them out using your craft knife.
IMG_2294IMG_2301Once you have your stencils ready, take a piece of your bunting and centre the letter over it. Use your black spray paint to fill in the stencil. Don’t worry about about any additional paint that may accidentally spray on to the burlap, you’ll be trimming these later and it all adds to the ‘burnt’ effect.

IMG_2302For letters such as A, P and O, use a piece of blue tack or tape to stick down the centre of the letter and spray around the edge.
IMG_2307Once you’ve finished spray painting your letters, leave them to dry for an hour. When dry, trim the edges and cut an inverted arrow in to the bottom of each burlap piece to create a flag effect.
IMG_2312Using a pair of scissors, create 4 holes at the top of each burlap piece, 2 on the top left and 2 on the top right (1cm apart). Thread the twine or string through these holes and continue for the rest of the letters – HAPPY and again for HALLOWEEN.
IMG_2314Your Halloween Burlap Bunting is now finished and ready to hang!