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Spooky Chic Halloween Table Decor

31st October 2016

Halloween Table Setting
Happy Halloween, everyone! You may have gotten some creativity out of your system at a costume party over the weekend, but it’s not too late to celebrate in style tonight, too. Whether you’re having a quiet dinner in like us (we’re celebrating one year of engaged life!) or stuffing your face with copious amounts of chocolate you can still stick to the spirit of the season with a spooky table setting. Throw in your favorite creepy cocktails and you’re good to go for the evening! Continue Reading


10 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

24th October 2016


(image: alice and lois)

I’m so happy that we are well into the autumn season now. The temperature has finally dropped (after a warm spell last week of 28°C/83°F in New York!), and the boots and scarves are officially on. Whilst I’m pretty sure this time of year is everyone’s favorite for many reasons, for me it’s all about the creativity it brings out in people. From decorating homes to making costumes, you get to see so much personality and flair in those around you. However, just in case you’re in need of some inspiration, check out these awesome creative (and no carve) pumpkin decorating ideas.
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DIY Interiors Living

DIY Halloween Burlap Bunting

31st October 2013

Bunting_HalloweenHappy Halloween everyone! In light of today’s celebrations, I wanted to create some rustic, Halloween burlap bunting (because everyone knows how much I love bunting!). Find out how to make this easy decor below…

  • Burlap material cut in to 14 pieces
  • Black spray paint
  • Letter stencils*
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Twine or string

IMG_2228*Tip! – If you don’t have any letter stencils handy and have a craft knife, create your own stencils by printing out large letters on to A4 paper (2 per sheet) and cut them out using your craft knife.
IMG_2294IMG_2301Once you have your stencils ready, take a piece of your bunting and centre the letter over it. Use your black spray paint to fill in the stencil. Don’t worry about about any additional paint that may accidentally spray on to the burlap, you’ll be trimming these later and it all adds to the ‘burnt’ effect.

IMG_2302For letters such as A, P and O, use a piece of blue tack or tape to stick down the centre of the letter and spray around the edge.
IMG_2307Once you’ve finished spray painting your letters, leave them to dry for an hour. When dry, trim the edges and cut an inverted arrow in to the bottom of each burlap piece to create a flag effect.
IMG_2312Using a pair of scissors, create 4 holes at the top of each burlap piece, 2 on the top left and 2 on the top right (1cm apart). Thread the twine or string through these holes and continue for the rest of the letters – HAPPY and again for HALLOWEEN.
IMG_2314Your Halloween Burlap Bunting is now finished and ready to hang!

DIY Interiors Living

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

30th October 2013

HalloweenI love Halloween and the creativity it brings out in people. From coming up with costume ideas to carving pumpkins, no matter what your level of creativity is, it appeals to everyone. Something I have been dying to try this year is pumpkin decorating. Mess free (mostly!), it’s a fun way of gathering up any old paints, markers, glitter or gems you have lying around the house and put them to good use.

To decorate my pumpkins I used:
Five mini pumpkins from Fallon and Byrne
Gold, white and black spray paint
Gold leftover craft paper
Pink sticker gems (I spray painted these gold)
Craft glue
Permanent markers (white and black)

The awesome thing about this activity is that you really can use anything you like to decorate your pumpkins with; fabric, twine, pens, lace, glitter – the list is endless but the results are great!

Halloween2Halloween 3Halloween7Halloween8Halloween9Halloween6


Hello October!

1st October 2013

octoberOctober is one of my favourite months of the year. I love the changing colour of the leaves and the excuse it gives you to start wearing your wooly knits.

It’s such a beautiful month and in the lead up to to the 31st one that encourages people whether they are naturally creative or not to get their thinking and design hats on and start planning their Halloween costumes. I’m excited this month to see what I can create using pressed leaves, I’m excited to decorate my apartment with pumpkins and see what delicious recipes I can make with them and of course start planning my own Halloween costume which I’ll be sure to feature on here!

Image by Paper Vines.

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