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We Moved!

24th October 2017

CharlestonSome of you may know that for the past three and a half years I have lived in Hoboken, New Jersey. Growing up in England, it was always my dream to one day work in New York City and in 2014 an exciting opportunity came up which gave me the chance to live out that dream. I packed my suitcases, said goodbye to my little studio in Dublin (where I had been living for nearly 5 years) and hopped on a plane to the ‘Big Apple’. Was it everything I hoped for and more? Absolutely! It was the most incredible experience and I truly loved every second of it. Over the past year, however, Joe and I started to get itchy feet, we were ready for a lifestyle change, a different pace, and more space.

We had visited Charleston, South Carolina on a number of occasions and instantly fell in love with the city and surrounding areas. From the moment we touched down on a visit several years ago we knew that one day we would move here. So a month or two ago when a new opportunity came up with a tech company in the Charleston area, we jumped on it… and now here we are! We’re three weeks into living in this beautiful city surrounded by beaches, palm trees and are happier than ever. While the temperature isn’t quite the Autumn weather I’m used to, I’m loving the warmth while still getting to see the leaves on the trees change colour. I’m so excited about this new chapter of our lives and to share new projects with you on Paper Vines from here in Charleston!

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Home Splurge

19th May 2014

Home_SplurgeWith just two weeks to go until our move, we decided to brave the weekend crowds and get as much furniture and pieces crossed off our list as possible. While trying to buy everything in one go was a little overwhelming (manoeuvring two shopping carts through Ikea on a Sunday contributed to this!), here are a few of the fun finds that made it all worthwhile…

  1. Okuno Measuring Cups
  2. Knipsa Basket
  3. Steel Food Storage Rack
  4. Nolmyra Easy Chair
  5. Norden Occasional Table
  6. Strosa Plates
  7. Eivor Throw
  8. Fejka Plant / Kardemumma Plant Pot 
  9. Ofelia Blanket
  10. Kallax Shelving
  11. Tertial Work Lamp
  12. Kivik Sofa in Isunda Grey

Spring Snapshot

12th May 2014

Spring Snapshot

While I put together a few new posts, I wanted to share a snapshot of my spring in Hoboken / NYC. It’s been an incredible two months settling in here and I’m constantly overwhelmed with how many new things there are to do here and incredible places to explore!

(From left to right)

  • Stone Fox Bride – wedding dress shopping with the beautiful bride to be @mountainsofmountains
  • Evening sun at the Flatiron
  • I fell in love with this orange Bug
  • Strolling through the Union Square Farmer’s Market
  • Stella and Dot Hoboken Trunk Show
  • Spring Greens in Chelsea
  • Our new abode!
  • Hells Kitchen Flea Market
  • A view I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of

Home Sweet Hoboken

6th May 2014

HobokenNext week marks two months since I said goodbye to the green pastures of Ireland and landed on my two feet in Hoboken, New Jersey. An adjustment to say the least, I swapped a quaint cottage office by the canal for the hustling bustling streets of Times Square, New York. So while settling in to the new job and elbowing my way through the competitive world of apartment hunting in Hoboken (we’ll be moving in to this charming red bricked building June 1st!), this blog got put on the back burner but I’m officially back in the blogosphere and excited to see what the next few months hold!


Let the Apartment Hunting Begin

22nd March 2014

HobokenAfter a crazy few days of jet lag and unpacking I’m starting to feel pretty settled in Hoboken. Whilst crashing in an apartment with three boys is interesting to say the least, I’m excited to start the apartment hunt process! In the mean time, I’m in Pinterest overdrive… light walls, dark walls?


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I love the idea of light living rooms walls with a bright kitchen and this solid dark wall from Colby Burlingame’s Atlanta Apartment Tour on the Everygirl, perhaps something that I wouldn’t have considered before. A huge difference between moving in to an apartment here versus back in Dublin or London is that here they all come unfurnished which is rarely the case back home, so it’s an exciting process, moving in to a new place and being able to decorate from scratch!